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 "It is imperative that we maintain hope even when the harshness of reality may suggest the opposite."

Paulo Freire


Thank you for visiting, we hope you find the site a useful and enjoyable experience. To ensure that everyone feels safe, valued, and supported, we ask that users of this site abide by the following rules:


  • It’s our aim for everyone to feel like they can contribute if they want to, however we respect your choice if you wish to just browse.

  • When contributing to chats we prefer not to TYPE ALL IN CAPITALS as this can read like we are shouting.

  • We recognise and respect diversity, acknowledging that users cannot represent all views and identities.

  • When referring to a particular person it is best to use gender neutral pronouns, unless you are certain of their preferred pronouns. 

  • Please respect opinions different to your own. If you disagree, be respectful as to how you express this.

  • Please remember we have a duty of care towards each other and are sensitive to how individuals respond to what we share about personal mental health or other personal information.


  • Please do not share confidential information about others, such as our friends or family members. If you need to make a point that involves them, please disguise their identity.

  • You retain control of what you wish to share or not, and how much you wish to contribute.

  • Please be mindful of any personal details you share about your own mental health and lived experiences in case these are triggering or distressing for others or in case you regret later to have disclosed too much.

  • Consider using trigger warnings before sharing your lived experience, if you think appropriate.

  • If a moderator or another site user asks you to stop sharing out of concern for others, please understand this is done respectfully and as a duty and culture of care towards others.

  • We are all responsible for following the above guidelines.

  • It may happen that rules may sometimes be broken, including inadvertently.

  • We can all remind each other of the rules.

  • The site moderators will strive to take a proactive role, and we can all raise a concern privately with them by emailing

Mad Heartists
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